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Conference-approved 12 step materials

•   AA: Alcoholics Anonymous

•   NA: Narcotics Anonymous

•   Al-Anon

•   Naranon

•   ACA: Adult Children of Alcoholics

•   CoDA: Codependents Anonymous

•   SLA: Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

•   OA: Overeaters Anonymous

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The Sober Camel, you are supporting your 12 Step program's central service office? So, there is no need to order your books separately.  Stop by The Camel today for one-stop shopping:

The Sober Camel also carries a variety of Hazelden books.

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One step at a time

•   Literature

•   Eastern MA AA meeting books

•   Medallions

•   Cards

•   Raffle tickets

•   Gifts

Browse our shelves for resources ranging from conference-approved materials, to daily meditation books, 12 step guides, and sponsor resources. Our books can help someone who is struggling or just looking for inspiration by sharing memoirs of people who have fought addiction and come out on the other side.

Explore 12-Step Resources and Supportive Literature

One-stop shopping

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