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Addiction and recovery affects not only an individual but a community of people. No matter where you are on your journey, we have resources to support you along the way.


First established in Rhode Island in 1987, The original Sober Camel book store moved to Plainville, MA in 2002. Beginning July 2010, The Sober Camel relocated to Foxborough, MA to continue its mission to provide books and gifts in a safe and serene place.

The history of The Sober Camel


Life is a journey


This plant was given to me as a “PASS-IT-ON Plant.” I was told it was a cutting off a plant that was on Bill Wilson’s nightstand the day that he died. His wife, Lois gave a few cuttings to friends and asked them to “Pass it On.” Hence the name  of the plant.


I cannot guarantee that this is a piece of it as I have nothing but the word of another recovering alcoholic, but his word is good enough for me.


I pass this cutting on to you to grow with love and care and to make other cuttings to share with others in recovery from the disease of alcoholism.


In this cutting is Bill Wilson’s love for you and all alcoholics, and I add my love to it as well. Enjoy it as I have.



- People who are just beginning their journey of recovery

- Those who have been traveling the path for many years

- Professionals in the field

- Friends and family who want to learn more about addiction and recovery

- Anyone interested in spiritual growth and living a healthier life

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